Plastic Injection Molding

Insert Molding

Insert Molding binds metal and plastics, or multiple components into a single unit. It reduces assembly time and labor costs and delivers stronger part and allows for broader design flexibility.


Two- Shot Overmolding

Two-shot or multi-shot overmolding is a plastic molding process in which two different plastic resins are molded together in a single machining cycle and one mold.


Structural Molding

Structural Molding is a process where the addition of a blowing agent into the melted polymer and modification of process parameters allows manufacturers to produce very large structural parts. Parts are likely to have thicker wall sections, lightweight and rigid with a relatively hard surface at a lower cost.

In Mold Decoration (IMD)

IMD process involves inserting a preprinted (decorated) thin film plastic into an injection mold and then injecting plastic either behind or on top of the film. It allows plastic parts to be decorated during the molding cycle. Benefits include better design flexibility (more creative solutions), reduced costs-to-manufacture and higher manufacturing productivity.


Low Pressure Molding

Low Pressure Molding (LPM) is a process in where parts are molded at lower pressure and lower temperature to encapsulate fragile electronic components and assemblies.