Soft Tooling

  • Soft tooling is used for prototyping or when a lower volume of parts is needed (1-100).
  • Injection molding is an excellent process for large volume production but tooling tend to be expensive.
  • Soft tooling offer the best economical solution to support our customers during their Product Development process.

Hard Tooling

  • Built for large volume production (one million and above) our hard tools are made of the highest quality materials.
  • Molding surfaces (cavities and cores) must be hardened to a minimum of 48 R/C range. All other tool constituents such as sub-inserts, slides, heel blocks, gibs, wedge blocks, lifters, etc. should also be hardened.
  • Over the life of a mold, corrosion in the cooling channels decreases cooling efficiency thus degrading part quality and increasing cycle time. It is therefore recommended that plates or inserts containing cooling channels be of a corrosive resistant material or treated to prevent corrosion.

Multi-Cavity Tooling

  • A single-cavity mold produces a single product per cycle, while a multi-cavity mold produces more than one product per cycle.
  • Whether you need a single or a multi-cavity tool depends on the number of products you want to produce within a certain timeframe and the cost of the tool. Our manufacturing engineers can help you determine the best tooling configuration.