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Kusu New 3-Oct-2022

Dealmakers, investors descend on Singapore for high-profile conferences

18-Sept-2022 Reuters

SINGAPORE, Sept 16 (Reuters) - Dealmakers, fund managers and CEOs are flocking to Singapore for a slew of high-profile conferences this month, as the city-state burnishes its credentials as a major global financial centre.

While COVID curbs continue to hinder large in-person gatherings in rival financial hub Hong Kong, Singapore has mostly returned to pre-pandemic life with indoor mask rules loosened last month.

Business is booming - hotel room rates are at a decade-high, conference venues have been booked for weeks and restaurants are packed.

"We have had a funny two years being locked down and isolated from our peers, so the in-person conferences feel like a small step back to normality and a big step back into humanity," Rachel Lau, managing partner at Southeast Asian-based investment firm RHL Ventures.

The first of these events starting Monday is SuperReturn Asia, an annual private equity and venture capital industry conference being held in Singapore for the first time instead of Hong Kong as usual.

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China files formal protest over Biden’s comments on defending Taiwan

19-Sept-2022 The Straits Times

BEIJING - Beijing on Monday hit back at US President Joe Biden’s comments that US forces would defend Taiwan in the event of an invasion, warning Washington that it should not underestimate China’s determination to defend its sovereignty.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said China has lodged a formal complaint with the US, pointing out that Mr Biden’s comments send a “seriously wrong signal” to separatist forces in Taiwan.

China was “strongly dissatisfied and resolutely opposed” to Mr Biden’s comments, said Ms Mao at a regular press briefing.

“We are willing to strive for peaceful reunification with our greatest sincerity and efforts. At the same time, we will not tolerate any activity aimed at secession and reserve the option to take all necessary measures,” she said.

China views Taiwan as a renegade province and has not ruled out the use of force in its quest for reunification with the self-ruled island.

“There is only one China in the world, Taiwan is a part of China, and the government of the People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government of China,” said Ms Mao.

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US, Indo-Pacific Economic Framework ‘smokescreen’ to reduce China sourcing

The United States and Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) has revealed its objectives, however apparel experts believe it also highlights the US' wider aim to reduce sourcing from China.

20-Sept-2022 Juststyle

The 13 countries that sit within the United States and Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF), including apparel sourcing countries Vietnam and India, announced four negotiation objectives last week (9 September), as part of a wider aim to create a high-standard and inclusive economic framework.

However, apparel industry experts Dr Sheng Lu and Bob Antoshak tell Just Style they are skeptical about the real purpose behind the framework and how it will benefit the apparel sector.

Gherzi Textil Organization partner Bob Antoshak explains: “The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity is an initiative led by the Biden Administration to develop an economic counterbalance to China in the Pacific while expanding US economic influence in the region.”

He points out that it is not a free trade agreement, nor is it some form of security pact.

He says: “It is designed, however, to further economic cooperation in the region. But it’s also, frankly, a smokescreen obscuring US objectives in the Indo-Pacific region to deter an increasingly assertive China.”

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F1 Singapore GP: Sergio Perez steals the thunder with 2nd win of season

02-Oct-2022 Yahoo News

While all eyes were on Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc in the battle for the driver's title this Formula One season, it was Sergio Perez - the third driver with a mathematical chance at winning the title - who stole the thunder at the F1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday (2 October).

The Red Bull Racing driver grabbed the lead from Ferrari's pole-sitter Leclerc right at the start, and drove immaculately to clinch his second win of the season in 2hr 2min 15.238sec at the Marina Bay street circuit, receiving the trophy from Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong.

He was later given a five-second penalty and a reprimand for a safety-car infringement, but still kept his title as he finished more than 7.5 seconds ahead of Leclerc.

"This was certainly my best performance of my F1 career," said the 32-year-old Mexican, whose other win this year was also on a street circuit at the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix.

"The last three laps were just so intense, but I pushed hard and I gave everything for this win."

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US, Australia and Japan vow to work together against China

02-Oct-2022 The Economic Times

The defense ministers of the United States, Australia and Japan agreed Saturday to boost military cooperation in the face of China's growing ambitions "to shape the world around it".

Washington is pressing a diplomatic offensive to counter Chinese influence across the Asia-Pacific.

"We are deeply concerned by China's increasingly aggressive and bullying behavior in the Taiwan Strait, and elsewhere in the region," US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said as he welcomed his counterparts from Australia and Japan to the US military headquarters for the Pacific region in Hawaii.

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